"Smoking blunts at lunch, I ont give a fuck, he know I wanna stone her, goin harder than my boner"
-Robbie Stephen Taar

"Babies and baby blunts and babies"
-Robbie Stephen Taar



feelin a bit dumb about this since i didnt ask you in advance if you were ok w/ me basically examining your face for an hour but u are just way too gorgeous and i had 2 draw ya… I hope you like <3


I’m so conflicted

What am I doing?

I took this picture to remind me where my glasses and charger were, I leave myself the best clues and shit

The clouds were great today

As I take my dying breath…

I like feet in theory

(via deadvibe)

Everyday that goes by seems like one day closer to a day that I dread, I do not know what this day is

I’m so fucking artistic



Kanye West attempting to seduce Kanye West.


I love Kanye, he is everything I aspire to be